Shandong 1 billion 100 million online gambling Case Perspective exposing the tip of the iceberg of o

Ji’nan December 21st sports special telegram 6 months the total investment amounted to 1 billion 100 million yuan, the different levels of more than and 70 people, more than 3000 gamblers…… The investigation by the Shandong police, the Ministry of public security supervision of 4· 19 large online soccer gambling case recently surfaced. As the first case in Shandong province online soccer gambling cases, this case has opened online soccer gambling "the tip of the iceberg". At the same time, evidence collection and identification of electronic evidence has also put forward a new task for the judiciary to combat online gambling.

rare network soccer gambling case

March 2008, Shandong Province, Binzhou City Public Security Bureau received a report from the masses, found that the Binzhou area has frequently login a server outside the gambling sites, and has a website management authority, and the sale or rental of football betting system such as online gambling tools. Subsequently, the Binzhou police set up a task force to investigate.

November 5, 2008, sent 10 arrest team of the Binzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, at the same time, Guangdong operations in Beijing, Liaoning, Hunan and Shandong, Qingdao, Binzhou and other places, has arrested 29 suspects, destroyed the basic network gambling gang. October 28, 2009, Binzhou City People’s Procuratorate of the 7 suspects to open casinos to prosecute the court.

May 2006, after investigation, the suspect Wang for the purpose of profit, to buy a Guangdong soccer gambling system of a company, by the programmer in the company and the defendant Yin a gambling system are uploaded to the server of the company located in Hongkong, a gambling site in the online gambling activities.

gambling site is completed, the king mustered a suspect Sohn, Zhao et al have to manage the gambling sites in Beijing and Binzhou, and the development of different levels of network gambling agent of more than 70 people. From June 2008 to November 2008, the number of gamblers gambling sites up to 3000 people, accumulated effective bets totaling 11.5 million yuan.

for the case of the Binzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate office staff, special case is that the previous domestic cracked network soccer gambling case most is to hire foreign soccer gambling sites account, and then in the domestic sublease, and this case is directly in the country set up a gambling website, and the short-term development of a large number of gamblers.

Pyramid shaped gambling network

it is understood that the network gambling gang was similar to the Pyramid structure of pyramid schemes. The website, Wang is the highest level, the recruitment agency under the "Gordon zero" and "on" and "to two" and "three board" 4 levels of authority gradually reduced, such as "to two" only "three development board". Investigators said: if the Wang established soccer gambling casino on the site as a physical space, "to reach the zero level proxy is equivalent to renting a house in the casino," put an "agent level equivalent to renting the building in a layer, the bottom of the membership is gambling gamblers.

procuratorial organs

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