How to create a top tea brand for 300 thousand and 6 months

in the first member Union conference case, Mowgli brother met to brother tea project, this is a small brother to the network business, the goal is to create the highest quality tea brand mobile internet. But with only a few hundred thousand of his start-up investment, both to get the product development and production, but also to get rid of Jingdong Taobao shop, recruitment of micro business, network promotion, such as a pile of broken things, it is difficult, difficult to start.

no two days I met another name of the league members, from Guangxi’s ancient rice high boss, ask how good his top marketing "Royal tribute" rice to everyone in the VIP WeChat group. His point of pain is a product, reputation is also very good, but the price of a pound to 25 yuan, more expensive than ordinary rice, the brand is also new, so I do not know how to do the low cost of the brand to do strong, so that the rapid rise in sales up.


found no sharp brother this is likely to be jealous, challenges the current network of entrepreneurs generally face: how to create high-quality products with low cost, fast to build a strong high-end brand? Even one member directly without the afternoon brother bogey: give you 300 thousand start investment, you can create a tea in 6 within a month (rice) top brands, and achieve profitability



this is indeed a world-class problem, the people who can get the marketing Oscar prize. But Mowgli brother personality has always been hard not to eat soft food, then accept the afternoon, here is the basic planning ideas, in order to save the mental and commercial secrets, only temporarily out of the main operation framework and to share with you, hoping to play a valuable role, open the brain hole.

1, Jack Bauer

first to make clear the brand is bigger, or the first strong strategic direction. Chinese entrepreneurs always love the enterprise made the elephant, but Mowgli brother identity Ma build a small and beautiful vertical network concept, for small entrepreneurs, suggested a "strong" enterprises, physical light, swift, tenacious vitality of


, for example, small entrepreneurs to open such a large chain KFC restaurant, but would like to open a small and delicate restaurant can still afford to carry. Fast-food restaurants are in pursuit of cheap, many people, a large amount of private kitchens; but for the craft, material, good service to a small group of customers can iron although small, but the days can still live better.

like Japan has so many hundred years old: ten square meters of shops, adhere to the one hundred years only Hand-Pulled Noodle, no stores, expensive, but a dynamic world



2, middle class customer


to lower the cost of creation of "small and strong" brand, it won’t be for the general public to burn large advertising, only the need for a small group of high-quality user identity you can do precision marketing, what kind of customers the most suitable


brother is recommended for the

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