Baidu CEO webmaster Robin Li invited hundreds of websites of Jiuzhaigou mountain


Baidu founder Robin Li

will focus on the use of web traffic greatly small, the distribution of advertising resources from the most upstream industry chain, to achieve revenue in various aspects of the industry chain, which will create much value? Yesterday, hundreds of domestic webmaster invited by Baidu to Sichuan, Jiuzhaigou to participate in Baidu union summit.

as a "leader" of Baidu CEO Robin Li said, with the change of the market structure, Baidu last year took nearly 700 million yuan into to the website of the league this year, will further increase the small website attention, improve the percentage of 10-15%. This will bring more revenue for grassroots entrepreneurs.


survey shows that the major domestic websites advertising alliance development so far, has covered most of the Internet site, the domestic online advertising market competition become more intense, industry reshuffle imminent, some websites (especially high-quality Internet sites) and even add a number of advertising alliance, further exacerbating the cyber source for high quality advertising alliance.


yesterday admitted that the past is the value of head flow of large and medium sized cooperation website brings in Union website system, and the future will be more and more attention in all kinds of small long tail traffic site, to small and medium-sized websites bring real income.

it is reported that from March 2009 to 2010 in March, Baidu union traffic increased by 79%, the number of partners increased by 460%. Now through the cooperation of 30 sites, Baidu’s ambition is to build the future of Asia’s largest new media.

Baidu 2009 earnings report, its annual total revenue reached 4 billion 450 million yuan, an increase of 39.2%.

in stark contrast, the Baidu alliance in 2009 was 697 million 670 thousand, an increase of 66.7% year on year, far beyond its own growth rate of Baidu.

Baidu Union General Manager Zhu Dachen said that in 2010 the alliance to improve web promotion into proportion, the average increase of 10-15 percent, determined to pay more money. "This alliance will set up internet entrepreneurs club, and expand the scope of the Ivy League plan, help executives cooperation website EMBA courses. We will invite the Internet industry bigwigs who smoke one or two times a year to give lectures to the students."

Baidu is very optimistic about the local community website in precision advertising, is currently active and the local community website, hope to further resources to achieve landing through the website promotion, through a more accurate user, to achieve the network advertisement promotion effect.

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