Why have the luxury price, Chinese still love to go abroad shopping spree

is the core issue of the luxury industry, but it is the most neglected in China, the most backward link".

The French luxury brand

Cartier has just announced that, from April 15th onwards, the watch in Hongkong full price 5%, the future will continue to expand the scope of price adjustment. In March this year, Chanel announced the first substantial price cuts in China, the price adjustment in the luxury brand team has emerged Patek Phillippe, Tag Heuer, as well as claiming that it is likely to price Prada.

but some Chinese still love to go abroad to buy luxury goods.

Avery Booker, the Chinese luxury goods market research consultant two days ago on BOF comment. He said: Although the price of luxury goods, still can not increase the domestic luxury goods sales in the domestic market. Luxury consumer groups are more willing to go abroad."

"if my Chanel bag was bought in Paris, my friend asked me, I could have said that wonderful trip." Hemmerle, a consultant to the luxury goods industry, told curiosity daily that Chinese consumers like handbags, "a story," which is one of the reasons why they continue to enjoy shopping abroad, Emmanuel.


of McKinsey will buy luxury goods Chinese consumers are divided into three types: only in the overseas purchase, purchase only, in both the mainland and Chinese abroad in the domestic purchase of – third is the domestic and foreign market competing to win over the crowd.


because the price relates to luxury brands, the number of single product is not much, Chinese luxury consumers in the short term can not change the "breath" to go abroad and then shot the habit. More importantly, some luxury brands VIP, and it is not only a price sensitive crowd, they will still be in order to better experience, take a pleasant mood shopping abroad comfort.


Chanel, the store front row in a long queue, some VIP complain that this is not very elegant.

Chanel quickly leveled the price, but not in the short term Chinese leveled and European service level.


" in curiosity daily interviewed a number of luxury consumers after that, many of them at home and had the unpleasant experience of visiting the store, because the sales service is illegible not professional, he had to give up the plan of shopping.


"some of Europe’s best luxury goods sales should be called shopping consultants, they are very aware of their own brand, but also to accurately grasp the characteristics of the customer, after courteous service"

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