Biography Taobao mall to buy domain name or replace

It is reported that in September 19th

news, recently rumored Taobao mall "shopping mall" to English word domain name, and has a low profile acquired the domain name, the domain name to jump to the mall Taobao page.


diagram: website information


is concerned, WHOIS query domain information discovery, the domain name in the United States, the domain name all information and Taobao has not related, domain name registration registered in March 1999, now has 12 years of time, domain name has been registered.


map: domain name information

mall is the meaning of shopping malls, shopping centers, with a strong consumer shopping behavior point, domain name applied to the online store is also applicable, domain value is not cheap. If Taobao mall won the domain name, simple creative domain name, and the Chinese people to improve the level of English, mall words and a brief note, Taobao mall bought the domain name will be more beneficial to website promotion and operation, the industry believes that Taobao bought the domain name is to replace

At present, jump to the domain name, the number of users believe that Taobao mall won the domain name possibility is very high, however, some netizens also said that the current single from the domain name to jump up to judge the situation, the domain name is not necessarily Taobao acquisition, the acquisition of evidence is not sufficient, Taobao mall to buy domain name to be confirmed.

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