Jingdong maternal and child in 2013 signed 5 billion cooperation with the mother and child giant upg

recently, Jingdong mall and a number of well-known brands reached a strategic cooperation agreement, signed in 2013 sales target, sales of up to 5 billion. With Wyeth, Abbott, Pampers, curiosity, miso five mother brand giants to reach the depth of strategic cooperation.

it is understood that 5 billion of the sales amount of Jingdong mall and mother brand signed to maternal goods covered by the entire product line, including maternal food 2 billion (including milk powder, nutrition food, diapers) 1 billion 500 million, 1 billion articles (including toiletries, feeding supplies, clothing, bedding, bed Tong Chetong) kids 500 million. The signing of the brand, to reach the depth of strategic cooperation with Pampers, Wyeth, Abbott, curiosity, miso and other 5 maternal top brands, direct supply cooperation has reached Ruikang, Dumex, AVENT, Nestle, good boy, Newman and other well-known baby brand thinking. It is reported that the mother to celebrate the signing of the brand 5 billion, customers, March 18th to 25, the Jingdong store maternal and child products straight down on the basis of introduction, the audience full of 299 yuan to return 310 yuan, each big brand joint promotions, consumers have none.

figure: March 18th, Jingdong mall and Kimberly’s curious brand signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Jingdong maternal channels mall relevant responsible person said that the strategic cooperation is more in-depth cooperation, in addition to the direct supply of goods, provide quality products for consumers, Jingdong mall also with Wyeth, Abbott, Pampers, curiosity, miso 5 mother brand for consumer giant level reached consensus, including joint consumers to provide professional and high quality services, to jointly promote the realization of business objectives, higher common development of member users. This powerful combination of cooperation will maximize their respective advantages, to further enhance the consumer’s online shopping experience, deepen consumer awareness of the brand.

at present, maternal and child category is the sub category of mature commodity category in many online shopping, the online shopping market growth has been more than 3C and the popular clothing category, become the hot field of business competing layout. According to iResearch data show that in 2012, China’s maternal and child online shopping market transaction size grew 86% year on year to reach $61 billion, accounting for about 4.3% of China’s online shopping market as a whole. Since July 2010, Jingdong mall maternal and child channel formally launched, self sales of maternal and child products all the way up, maternal and child sales were maintained 300% growth rate, far ahead of competitors. In order to break through the traditional marketing model line, in the competition to get a bigger bargaining chip, more and more maternal and child brands have to help expand the sales channels Jingdong mall quality platform. It is understood that the mall has more than 90 million Jingdong quality registered users, of which the number of maternal and child members continued to grow, the number of active members of the stability of more than 5 million, the potential user base of more than 10 million.

in addition to the growing maturity of Jingdong mall platform, Jingdong mall mother channel has been committed to providing consumers with professional, high-quality products and services. From 2012>

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