88.com pure digital domain global auction

net news November 24th the world’s largest Internet domain name trading platform Sedo will be in Beijing in November 28th 2 points from the auction of multiple hip2o5 pure digital domain including 88.com. Sedo website information display, 88.com auction price is expected to be between $50-100 (about 340-680 million yuan), the auction time for Beijing time on November 28th 2 points to 2 points in December 5th.

yesterday, the domestic senior domain name investors, Hunan recruitment network CEO Dai Yongyue appeal in the online posts, the relevant government departments in Hunan province or enterprise hand photographed pure digital domain name this auspicious, for the development of e-commerce and the Internet industry in Hunan.


domain name, as the Internet’s most important resources, has attracted more and more enterprises and investors concern: the Tencent Inc QQ.COM, allegedly spent tens of millions of yuan to buy back, TOM.COM is the Chinese richest man Li Jiacheng’s company, the domain name of 18 million yuan, more SEX.COM domain name, now worth millions of dollars it can be said that, who had the best domain name, who will most likely be in the field of Internet a xiongbayifang.

according to the reporter, with 88.com related to the two domain name 88.cn, 88.com.cn registration are Chinese companies. Yesterday, the reporter found that 88.cn is currently a Buddhist website, 88.com.cn is currently a clothing website. "These two domain names are when domain name registration open was registered, I have contacted the owner, do not sell." Dai Yue said.

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