Music, movies, games, security…… Free history of nternet products in China


as a Internet users from the beginning of 2001, I feel the real history of the Internet is not living in the report, but live in the witness of the Internet, live in our memory. Things happen too fast on the Internet, but also yesterday, today has been a joy to disappear, we keep chasing the fresh, and forgotten has become the norm. In this article, I hope to look at the history of the Internet from the perspective of "free".

a, music

music in China is also the beginning of the charges, early due to the lack of storage and broadband network, relying on the sale of music tapes, CD, television stations and other ways to charge users. Later, it is to rely on download charges, once the CP (content provider) and SP (service provider) is a good time to collect the music charges to download music charges, the user can download music by SMS mode. Once the major supplier to copyright has been a lawsuit, not to say Chinese then entered the era of iTunes, can only be said to be a result of the specific historical condition by SP interests, Wang Shuo used the words "looks very beautiful". Indeed, after gradually the free music piracy website, can be free to listen to music, music piracy on the rise.


current music has been fully free of charge, the major music software provides the use of safe haven principle, allowing users to listen to music, such as MP3 format. So like a cool, QQ music is not open to overseas, only mainland users can use overseas is a copyright issue. Of course, except Baidu, Baidu has gradually washed white, Baidu early also safe haven approach, but then gradually bought the copyright.

was a musician who is not willing to make their own hard to make music free of charge, which was their biggest source of income. Of course, the company is currently the star is not willing to free, but had to be free. Gao Xiaosong shouted to the audience to make money, the nature is empty.

why is it that the company’s ability to tolerate piracy is so high right now, and it’s easy to know if the company wants to keep it under control in the current legal environment?. Obviously, in the entertainment industry competition this unprecedented fierce, banned music piracy has been equal to ban music, music and people no longer rely on the original music revenue, they earn more from the concert, endorsements, movies, activities and so on.

Jay Chou is a representative of the era, is the biggest beneficiary, not only in the non internet era earned royalties greatly, the network is still at the early stage of CP hybrid SP network copyright fees earned more (TOM had 12 million sign Jay Chou 4 songs for two years, and finally in the network copyright) the successful transformation of the era of piracy that concert, endorsements, film.

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