The United States recognizes the number of government agencies website paralyzed due to attack

July 8th news, according to foreign media reports, the outbreak of large-scale network attack from the beginning of July 4th has made several U.S. government agencies website, including some responsible for combating cyber crime by government agencies.

According to government agencies and

officials said at the weekend holiday this week this time, the Ministry of finance, intelligence agencies, the Federal Trade Commission and the Ministry of transportation website are used in the paralysis. Until Tuesday night, some sites have not yet been resolved.

federal officials are reluctant to talk openly about the details of the cyber attack, only to admit that cyber attacks have occurred. It is not clear whether other government agencies website has also been attacked.

, according to informed sources, in fact, in the 3 days after the massive denial of service attacks broke out, many government agencies website has not recovered from paralysis. Officials refused to disclose their identity because they had not been authorized to discuss the cyber attack.

‘s Department of Homeland Security acknowledged that it had received reports of "malicious cyber activity" and had investigated the incident, but did not comment further. Two government officials acknowledged that the Ministry of Finance and intelligence agencies have been paralyzed, the current government agencies are working with network service providers to solve the problem.

Market research firm

Keynote Systems Ben Rushlo Internet technology director of the event will be called "large-scale network interruption", and said the website of the Ministry of transport from the start on Saturday there is a problem, and continued until Monday, and the Federal Trade Commission website on Sunday and Monday is paralyzed.

According to Rushlo

, the Ministry of transportation website completely paralyzed for two days, no one can visit the site. The Federal Trade Commission Web site was launched on Sunday evening, but it was not until Tuesday that Internet users were still unable to access the site for 70% of the time.

said: "this is very strange, we have never seen a similar situation. It’s a pretty serious event to have a website completely paralyzed for more than 24 hours."

he added: "the attacks lasted so long, and resulted in the ability to attack Website Web site is so large, indicating that the web to defend against cyber attacks is still very weak, also indicates that the severity of the network attack."

denial of service attacks are not uncommon, by a large number of sites in the network traffic impact and dropped when this happens often network attack. It is relatively easy to launch such an attack, as long as the use of existing hacking software on the line. If hackers hack into thousands of computers and use the computer to set up a network of puppets to attack, then the damage will be very alarming network attacks.

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