PHP168 enterprise, the government is now released the beta version of that system

The new version of

PHP168 know in the field of CMS system provides the most perfect and flexible knowledge consulting solutions, and now the official media partner of the simultaneous release of beta:

new version of the system will be a comprehensive solution to the enterprise, government, industry consulting and knowledge transfer issues. To help customer service consulting, government online solutions, internal knowledge to solve the problem, the interaction between the two sides, enterprise collaboration, etc..



download address:

result of three modules ********:


enterprise module:

1 each module is set to open or close. Each module has a custom classification independently, each category can set the corresponding administrator (delete, cancel top, top, collection, and reporting function module of the government, to set the background) has its own independent function page.

2 questions and answers to the president, the question can be set to ask whether the audit display.

3 customer service Q & A: you can take a single or multi person Q & A, can be divided into pre-sale and other business classification.

4 inside the enterprise: a sound enterprise Q & a system, the various departments, each position has a complete consulting system, the enterprise problem classification display, sub position display;

5 knowledge system: some good questions and answers can be recommended to the knowledge base, while the contents of the knowledge base can be added and designed to provide a complete enterprise knowledge solutions.

6 consulting system: can be used to collect the common problems, follow-up customer service can no longer reply to the problem of repeated boring, improve work efficiency.

7 uses the integrated file unified data processing, the template modification is more convenient;

8 the overall idea, the question is more appropriate, the answer is more effective, more specific;

9 in the template file in the Lib folder to modify: company_model.php, this file is the entry file

government structure module:

1 provides a total number of statistics and the number of today’s problem solving.

2 has a strong hierarchy management system. The use of this system: lower levels of government can report problems related to higher levels of government, from higher levels of government co-ordination, management interface can be set.

3 levels of consulting questions and answers can be shared with each other after certification, greatly enhanced

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