Two rich generation did not fight group purchase for cheap hard to carry, cut or transformation



buy rich two generation, referring to those who rely on the growth of the big site to buy business. For example, Sina group, Sohu love family group, everyone’s network of glutinous rice network, 58 of the city’s 58 buy…… It was the worst of times, but it was the best of times. From the market structure, used by a majority of group purchase "eager to follow the pace of two rich generation" the situation is not good, but after all is not the Internet group purchase seven and other industry heavyweights only one top ten in the industry.

absolute giant sidelined

group purchase industry is disappearing at one hundred or two hundred monthly website speed slimming, industry concentration trend has become increasingly evident today, "left for the king" has almost become a survival destination of the whole industry recognized. However, the industry has shown a different pattern of competition in the Internet industry.

giant monopoly or strong extrusion is currently Chinese any Internet industry segments of the competition, even Youku potatoes roost video field, there are Sohu, Baidu Iqiyi overbearing video and video Tencent, but in the current group purchase in the top ten, could not find any giant rampant shadow. Independent group purchase navigation site 800 in recent months, statistics show that the U.S. group, handle, Wo Wo Group, glutinous rice, public comment, tick group, F group, full network, 58 group purchase group purchase,, Gaopeng basic in the top ten competition.

if you insist on pulling on investment of meituan Alibaba or investment group F and Gaopeng Tencent, instead highlighted the two giant embarrassment. It is reported that the platform (largely due to the introduction of third party group purchase website) property and commodity property is too strong, the majority of institutions are usually not Alibaba Juhuasuan and Tencent QQ group purchase market share.

is not only the two, it is understood, has reached a high-profile group purchase business of sina group purchase and Sohu love of family groups are still in business, but the status of group purchase with two companies in the Internet industry status is inconsistent. There are third party statistics agency disclosed that the two sites monthly trading volume is good when only a few million level, the basic is no longer separate statistics.

iResearch consulting report shows that since last March, about 80% of the group’s visit is concentrated in the top ten buy site. More analysts say, group purchase industry will follow the "28 rule" reshuffle, the top ten have started the playoffs, no longer have the opportunity to enter the new website.

according to the well-known independent buy navigation website group 800 data show that before long before the industry ranked the first group of ten treasure net, the 24 coupons have dropped out of the list. Due to the widening income gap, the industry has sort of market share has been reduced from the purchase of public financing messages to buy 17 strong group of the top ten.

iResearch senior analyst Su Huiyan told reporters, because credit problems such as market environment is not mature, not 1-2 years group purchase erupted, at present the annual turnover of over ten billion yuan did not translate into practical website >

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