Stationmaster net broadcast Ali WeChat two-dimensional code to the end of the month siege traffic cl

      1 millet September 5th release of new rice and millet TV with the rivers and lakes

A5 web review: many people have asked what time it is now 3 meters, 3 meters long awaited finally got the news, millet company will in September 5th news conference released, at the same time, the long rumored millet TV will also be unveiled, millet TV if it issued, will give the market shock.

it is reported that millet company will hold a press conference on September 5th, the official release of the new millet third generation mobile phone – meter 3".

speculation, rumors of millet TV has long been possible in this conference debut.

      2 Google China to strengthen the export of foreign travel market nuggets

in the spring of 2010, Google will move away from the server to Hongkong, the export business has gradually become a focus of Google’s business in china. At present, Google also began to covet the mobile phone game market, to boost domestic Mobile Games into overseas markets.

this year, the domestic hand travel market fiery. According to a recent report released by the British company Juniper Research analysis shows that in 2017 the mobile game market will reach $24 billion, the international market is also hot.

in fact, Mobile Games for domestic companies, the hot market is accompanied by the complex channel environment, promote a high price and the growing homogenization, the competition between enterprises is increasingly fierce Mobile Games. In contrast, a single channel of foreign travel market hand, good habits of users to pay, for domestic hand travel companies, more like a blue ocean.

August 29th, Google business customers solutions Chinese district leader Zhang Shanfeng said, Google has a wealth of global resources, to provide comprehensive mobile marketing solutions for Mobile Games developers, including mobile search advertising, display advertising, AdMob advertising and YouTube.

3 to smother the siege of WeChat Ali

two-dimensional code

Internet arena phone again, although the North sent Ali Taobao, Alipay to prop up the "platform + data + financial blueprint based on the southern Tencent with Q Q and P C and WeChat in the mobile terminal entrance. But these two seemingly not much intersection of giants but with each ecosystem continues to expand, once kekepengpeng, also very likely to spark a conflict accidentally.

earlier this year, the Tencent governance moves WeChat public account, account is the first self marketing. Then Ali to block WeChat traffic entrance as a response, and now Ali and then cut the chain of two-dimensional code advertising, so that WeChat away from Ali ecosystem.

, however, in the two big brother you come to me to fight, Taobao platform more than one hundred

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