How to do micro-blog marketing planning

when we do micro-blog marketing, we will find that a period of time our fans can not go up, we comment on the content of the little forwarding. Whenever such a phenomenon many people lost and don’t know what to do. That micro-blog can be a result of the operation of the final results of these points, micro-blog fans, content review forwarding and reading, etc.. But there are a lot of reasons why we can’t go on. The key is that we are in contact with an enterprise micro-blog or personal micro-blog and the new establishment of a micro-blog how we plan, planning a marketing program. According to the current problem and a late stage operation and solution

a good long-term operation of micro-blog, he can not do without a plan, because micro-blog is one or two from the media, the two micro-blog is an official, the official website of the same. So need to understand the value and characteristics of micro-blog. And then according to the professional understanding of micro-blog and then make a plan. This will create an active, valuable micro-blog.

so first we get to know the value of micro-blog:

micro-blog is equivalent to a self media, he is following the blog launched a micro blog. Micro-blog. Simple and intuitive expression through 140 words. This reduces the user for the original blog content can not see more of the kind of trouble. The two micro-blog and video, pictures have been docking. His 140 word program of multi element content. As well as blog posts can be linked. Micro-blog has long said.

do not look down on 140 words of micro-blog, was in 2011, it was said, do not underestimate the power of the word, micro-blog is equivalent to a small private media, you can have their own audience and the right to speak. More than 100 fans, like the magazine; more than 100 thousand, is a metropolis; more than 1 million, is a national newspaper; more than 10 million, is more than 100 million TV station, is CCTV." So the value of micro-blog can naturally show up. A promotional value. Can promote a concept, a culture, a perception, can also promote products and services.

so let’s talk about micro-blog. Micro-blog can do a better job certification micro-blog marketing.

1, certified micro-blog is added "V" form of comparative authority. Two can easily get user trust. According to iResearch survey, corporate social activity, micro-blog accounted for a large proportion. So we need to attach importance to this field in this area.

2, I believe that some people are doing SEO, then you will understand the statistics such as Baidu webmaster tools can reflect the statistics of a website traffic data. The same certification micro-blog can see the amount of fans every day, reading and micro-blog exposure. And know the source of your micro-blog’s address and the most attractive micro-blog click ranking, etc.. Will be convenient for you to do micro-blog marketing. Get your micro-blog to find out why it’s been in the data. Better to do well

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