The ultimate dream of foreign trade B2B information + provide import and export services

if the Alibaba, Taobao, Alipay, YAHOO to achieve the primary dream of Ma Yun, then the Alibaba will provide comprehensive and professional import and export services is the ultimate dream of Ma Yun


e-commerce refers to the use of simple, fast, low-cost electronic means of communication, both parties not met for various business activities. E-commerce content includes two aspects, one is electronic, and the other is the business activities of the two. From the perspective of trade activities, e-commerce can be achieved in a number of links, customs clearance, transportation, export tax rebates, foreign exchange verification…… Wait。

Shenzhen, a manufacturer of security equipment company foreign trade manager Huang told reporters that she would basically every day received more than 5 telephone marketing, network marketing, network marketing, website promotion, trade platform, overseas promotion, search engine promotion, promotion pages and industry website promotion, charge or free of charge. In these deep sales calls "harassment" at the same time, but no real distress in the development from the perspective of corporate strategy to provide professional services for import and export, export enterprises throughout the trading service company.

"I got orders on your platform, but how to get the goods smoothly, fast, professional, no one can do it! Ask a lot of salesman, they export business basically utterly ignorant of some even," foreign exchange verification "this word is not heard! All can not meet our needs." Miss Huang has a headache.

for small and medium enterprises, looking for orders is only the first step, how to import and export of goods, is the real problem of them. Even to find the relevant agency, must also find the corresponding custom brokers company, logistics companies, legal services, small and medium-sized enterprises in order to export a, may need to find 3-5 the relevant departments, but also the person to contact, waste a lot of manpower energy.

once in a Alibaba to do a Chinese supplier project four years of senior sales Mr. Chen said, in his sales, there are 80% small and medium-sized enterprises with import and export services, these companies get orders on the platform, the next step is to put the export of the goods." Because including customs clearance, transportation, foreign exchange verification, export tax rebates and other import and export services Alibaba and not for customers, in order not to lose customers, sales staff can only help customers find related customs export with personal relationship.

import and export services is the most important and unavoidable part of foreign trade B2B. The most complete and most advanced e-commerce should be able to use the network for all trade activities, namely in the online information flow, business flow, capital flow and logistics to achieve complete, that is to say, the professional foreign trade B2B looking for customers from the beginning has been to negotiate, order, online payment (receive) a and according to electronic invoices and electronic customs, electronic tax through the e-commerce platform in one fell swoop.

ten years, Alibaba from a team of 18 people gradually developed into a heavyweight e-commerce platform for the 15000, set

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