Our review of the prosecution Wang Xin 5 suspects were all arrested


is the prosecution Wang Xin 5 suspects were all arrested

[TechWeb] reported on September 24th news, according to Xinhua news agency, Shenzhen science and Technology Co. alleged dissemination of pornographic materials case, the Ministry of public security under the direct command of the public security organs, after 5 months of careful investigation, Wang Xin and other 5 suspects were all arrested. The case was recently transferred from the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of Haidian branch prosecutors to prosecute.

in April this year, according to reports, the Beijing municipal public security department carried out an investigation in Shenzhen Nora’s online dissemination of pornographic information case, and arrested several suspects, but the main suspect Nora CEO Wang Xin has been flight.

August 7th, Wang Xin fled overseas 110 days after the entry of a country from the outside of the country, the relevant departments of the country intercepted by Wang Xin. In August 8th, the public security departments will be escorted home Wang Xin.

it is understood that the Beijing municipal public security and copyright management department seized Nora 4 servers in the law enforcement inspection, the only part of the server is stored pornographic video more than 3 thousand. Subsequently, the relevant departments in the application of the company’s Nora and column monitoring, but also found a large number of pornographic videos.

June 26th, the Shenzhen municipal market authority Nora made the final decision on administrative punishment, Nora fined 260 million. (Ming Yu)

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