Ma Yun go home to penguins ecosystem battle upgrade

"today, the weather has changed, penguins out of Antarctica, they are trying to adapt to the hot weather, so that the world has become their adaptation to the climate, rather than waiting for the victims, it is better to kill the antarctic. Go to someone else’s house to fight, the smashing of the hit, the fall of the hard hit." In late October, Ma issued a murderous Ali in the so called internal forum, to the war front Tencent.

is the industry predict long "Ali Tencent, there will be a war", also from running on the table. The fuse is "WeChat – the advance secretly by an unknown path" lurking in the third party payment field, more attempts by the mobile Internet "overhead" has been the core business of Alipay, Ali’s threat.

there is no improvement after Tencent Pat’s business, Lingcai had paid through at the door around for years no tricks, but rely on the WeChat social acquaintances "Matthew effect", from access to aviation, fund companies, business to department stores, food and beverage industry reached the line, WeChat paid tear open, not only is the mobile provider gap.



WeChat has to hit the aircraft game gimmick pocketed the eye, suggesting that mobile gaming is the possible realization means; in fact, "ulterior motives", with the latest 5 version of the launch, the maturing of WeChat payment seems to be lurking in the Alipay side of the "tiger", launched the "waiting in the wings pounce on Alipay and even Taobao".

initially, WeChat public account and the user’s transaction bottleneck with the help of WeChat payment to get through, so that the company’s public accounts from simple customer service and information communication limitations jumped out. Airlines, fund companies have access to WeChat payment. At present, WeChat in the public platform of China Southern Airlines and Hongkong airlines, the user can query and purchase tickets at WeChat, a WeChat air travel service platform set query, purchase, consultation, check-in form.

and rival Ali, Jingdong’s core business in the field of electricity providers, Tencent’s electricity supplier fast and easy network has begun to use WeChat to pay large grab cake. Yi Xun yesterday told the "First Financial Daily" in mid August, fast and easy network on the PC side and mobile phone client full access to WeChat to pay, according to the latest data, from August 16th to October 29th, the fast and easy online through WeChat paid the total payment order has broken million, the cumulative reach 350 thousand single.

WeChat pay even greater ambitions may also online. In accordance with the Tencent’s plan, the next phase of WeChat will gradually cover, air ticket and hotel to idle away in seeking pleasure of electronic digital products, FMCG and other goods localization of life services. WeChat payment will become an important part of WeChat O2O closed-loop.

, for example, in October 24th, the new world Bailian caifutong issued a WeChat application based on virtual prepaid card, users in the days after the new world department store offline consumption do not need to carry a bank card, WeChat to complete the payment, recharge, balance inquiries, membership points and other aspects of management.

Faced with the oncoming


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