Hecaitou change from Douban users of garbage

many idiot from Douban touch me here, repeatedly tried to prove that they are right, hecaitou is old. Then, uncle hecaitou will give you a lesson:

There is a great misunderstanding in the

era of equality: the equality of individual rights and the ability of the same confusion. You have the same rights as Yao Ming, but you can’t play at NBA. Not because of discrimination, but your lack of ability. The idiot denied this distinction, I think that some users are users watercress is a kind of insult to refuse. This is not an insult, it is a fact. The fact that people do not fast, but can avoid unhelpful obscenity.

what do people do on the Internet? Very few people are in the production of web content, while the vast majority of people in the consumer network content. Therefore, various websites and a variety of network have different weights on the internet. It is not because who is happy or unhappy, but if there is any change, it is a fact. In the network, the original writer of the weight of the largest, the least number of people. The next in order is the postman, responsible for the contents of network reprint. An active user who participates in a variety of activities. Divers, pure online consumers, to provide traffic and click, the largest number. The distribution of this population to meet the 28 law, even more stringent, reaching 19. Content is always the least, the consumer is always the most.

there is no content maker, what does the consumer consume on the Internet, in the food chain of the network, the consumer is at the end, in the lower layer of information transfer. On the rights of the user, whether manufacturers or consumers are equal. However, in addition to this equality, everyone’s weight is completely different. No ability to manufacture, it can only be consumed. A manufacturer, through the gradual amplification of the link, can meet thousands of consumers. The ten thousand consumer concerns and clicks, fear can not create a manufacturer to.

specific to the example of watercress, watercress is a Web2.0 website, all the content completely by the network and manufacturing. That is to say, the manufacturer is a pillar of the site. Watercress is watercress, the first condition is technology, the use of a reasonable technical framework of a site to facilitate the implementation of the various functions. Followed by the manufacturers, they build the site by the following:

1, add watercress does not have entries

2, the information grid is required for the bean column

3, submit valuable comments

4, recommend valuable Blog article

the last, is a staggering number of consumers. They come to consume the platform provided by the site, the content provided by the manufacturer. So, for this part of the value of the site how? The way is very simple, according to the group shot.

if the shot one hundred watercress station side personnel, how will the watercress? It does not exist, because the bean altogether is 21.

if one hundred shot content maker, beans >

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