Easy to mention the flow of YAHOO URL submitted

easy to mention the flow of YAHOO URL Daquan submitted

  stationmaster, hold tight, just come out.

submit address http://s.site.yahoo.com.cn/feedback.html

is now just included, the audit is not very strict, seize the time to submit ah! The sooner the better! ~

but there is still a certain degree of difficulty.

search group travel www.sotuan.com
E world tour     www.eu169.com 
e       on China;;   www.elhx.com   

these sites, I almost at the same time submitted, but only 51756 of the last included in the travel agency that plate.

so, when you try to fill in the information. Website quality to be high, will be favored by YAHOO oh!

the other day can bring a few stable IP flow bar. Such free snacks, taste to all can! · ha ha

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