How to use the quick access flow mummy blog

, a blog. Site theme name as diverse as possible, we can use a number of celebrities to attract traffic, such as: theme name is Louis Liu magic, this will greatly improve your blog search.

two, enrich the blog content. Personal avatar, album, blog articles as much as possible to add good. Otherwise you write the article again good, others are only interested in your article.

three, add some friends circle. Circle of friends and the more the better, the traffic will be greater, as long as you blog friends see you write the article, usually will give you a reply, you bring more popularity to you. Of course, the circle of friends is heavy and not on the amount, some circle of friends is very popular, there are thousands of small, most also have hundreds of thousands, if you later published articles recommended by the circle of friends will bring substantial traffic.

, four, you make a return visit to work. People always love being concerned, we can visit as a kind of friendship, life as a virtue. Increase traffic, while improving visitor loyalty.

five, do more links. We can in the circle of friends, to find some of the high popularity to do some links. Unlike their blog site, Links can keep related sites to do the exchange, Links do better. In addition, you can also find some other blogs outside the exchange, such as Sina, NetEase blog, etc..

six, adhere to write the original article. Harmonious official is to encourage everyone to write original. Content can be diverse, their usual love to write what to write. But don’t involve politics, pornography. Once the official recommendation to the home page, will give you a great deal of traffic.

seven, hype article. If one day, you have no inspiration, do not know what to write, no way to start. With some popular events can be hype, can help you quickly improve the blog traffic. Example: open Baidu Search Ranking, we see today’s fastest rising and a hot week two columns, such as today’s "Zhang Jie Sheenah public affair", we can collect some relevant information for rectification, the title is certain to change, we can change it to "Zhang Jie and Sheenah two people officially to the media public affair". Then in the middle of the article content or the top of the external links of their own stand, here we recommend that the picture ads with text links combined with relatively good results.

eight, hype video. Every day to collect some of the popular hot video, the video reproduced on his blog. Tips: a lot of people are watching TV, if you do this, to bring you the flow is often huge!

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