Viral media website case and operation mode let the news spread quickly

tiger sniffing note: through the user word of mouth, and let the new name or topic news quickly spread media website — "viral" media website. Business week Chinese version of the WeChat public account on the published translation of the article, to the foreign media website "Upworthy" as an example, describes the case and the operation of viral media sites, see article:

last year, Zach · Buick (Zach Sobiech); cable to celebrate the 17 birthday after got bad news: he had a rare bone cancer developed rapidly, he left in this world for a year.

December, Buick cable released "Clouds" music video, the song he wrote and recorded his struggle of illness. After that, he became the protagonist of a network documentary short film, reproduced by and, the documentary received tens of thousands of hits.

later, viral media website editor Upworthy saw the documentary. The so-called "viral", refers to the user’s word of mouth, let the topic quickly spread like a virus. Upworthy collects and promotes video and content from other networks. They re packaged the documentary and replaced it with a new title, "the boy just died and he left the world with Wondtacular.".

since then, more than 15 million people have watched the documentary on Upworthy. "All netizens have heard of his story," said Peter, co-founder of Upworthy, · (Peter), (Koechley). Upworthy is not involved in the production of documentary. It is only for the existing media material for a new title, plus some sharing tool, and in the user to recommend, the user can put it on their social networking site personal page.

is the most successful post of Upworthy so far, it reflects the company’s goal: to use social media to promote meaningful stories, so that as many people know this story.

viral video communication and more than entertainment to

for many people, viral video is synonymous with funny video, but by the onion (The Onion) and · veteran Cocli avery; Parise (Eli Pariser) co founded the Upworthy claims that it is the joy of users have higher values. "People misunderstand viral content," Parise said, "they think share content is to have fun. In fact, the most important thing is to share some things with passion, is to reveal what is really important."

, a site with 25 employees, was interviewed by users in May by

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