Use small tools to promote the sharing of experience

two days ago to test how to bring traffic to the site in a simple way, the first idea is to make a few online utility gadget, benefit is short time (I usually do a gadget that takes only 1 hours), the long tail effect is good. Think about the three difficulty low Gadget: compulsory and non friends QQ chat gadget, thunder and express (FlashGet) download address conversion tool, explains the 163 NetEase album /QQ albums and other online tools.

1, forced and non friends QQ chat gadget

this gadget written using JavaScript, very simple, I only took 10 minutes. Function is not able to chat with a friend QQ forced.


2, thunder and express (FlashGet) download address translation tool

this tool is actually more practical, and now a lot of sites are using thunder and express their own path to the conversion to provide download address, if we want to get the real address, use this tool on the line. And this is a very good tool for webmasters hotlinking use, spend 30 minutes.


3, crack NetEase album /QQ album and other online gadgets

this is more simple, in fact, I found ASP and PHP code, is written by someone else, I just wrote a very simple conversion code only, time spent 10 minutes! Some function is not outside the chain of the album by this way can be carried out outside the chain, which is very useful for many friends do not have their own server space.


promotion: 1, in the BLOG and the web in writing (in fact, sent to the soft matter), the Internet e, my blog, 17tech the station, the rest is waiting for someone else to reprint.

included 2, sent to the Internet, the E network, your blog to these stations is waiting for search engine.

3, sent to the 17tech in order to expand the influence, because the 17tech software channel and the Chinese military cooperation, as long as the front row can be displayed on the front page of the Chinese Army!


date PV UV IP

2007-12-06 296161 155

2007-12-05 158>

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