How to seize the marketing promotion strategy

market of college students has become a large number of businesses in the product strategy of a group that can not be ignored, how these people move, occupy a space for one person in the fierce market competition, the success of the new school on this special group, will become a very important link. Below I simple analysis, manufacturers should pay attention to the points.

how to understand the marketing it is popular at the right time for the right people, the right way to do the right thing. Basically is three w a H: when who what and how.

When is the opportunity, the opportunity is to seize the opportunity to make a hit. When the new school, the teaching building is strange, the dormitory is strange, the library is strange, the canteen is strange, strange is the teacher, students are unfamiliar, a new environment, full of curiosity. At this time, in the eyes of the new brand will also be memorable. Like the feeling of first love, a lifetime in the depths of memory. So this time the marketing will affect students for life, can be described as the best time. In addition, the new school, whether it is new or old, just back from home, buy some missing, so for those companies who pay more attention to the sales performance, the new school is indeed the opportunity not to be missed.

Who is a crowd, college students on behalf of young people, with a further expansion of the university education has changed from elite education to popular education, China big city, eighty or ninety per cent of the graduates to go to university, can be seen to do young people, must do the college market, that is the mainstream of society in the future. Graduate the University road. So do not look at the university students in the university campus is isolated, should develop, macro view. With 90 on the stage, that is their last generation is between 40-50 years old, is the most powerful people, the real social mainstay, and most of the 90 is the only female, has the characteristics of independence and individuality, but is not spoiled. If the results of China’s reform and opening up after 80 witnesses, then 90 is the biggest beneficiaries of the reform and opening up a good economic environment.

What is what to do. The new school activities are public or emerge in an endless stream, regardless of whether it is business, school organization or business planning, whether it is school, or school, how talent shows itself in all kinds of activities, get more attention is not a serious problem to businesses. The author combined with many years of campus marketing experience, roughly talk about the understanding of the new school activities.

from the form of activities, whether it is the school activities, or business planning activities are the two most popular students. One is the entertainment category, such as singing competition, music party, draft, etc.. The other kind of sports, such as basketball, football or games, because these two types of activities from both the degree of participation or ornamental are very strong. Suitable for all people, with the most extensive influence

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