Speaking from the subway chicken female how to attention into purchasing power

recently, a section of the Shanghai subway in the video on the internet widely spread and caused heated debate. In the video, a female passenger eating Chicken Feet with Pickled Peppers, and several bones scattered in the grain residue compartment, accused after her speech conflict with the surrounding passengers, took out a mobile phone and video publishers to shoot.

subway chicken female incident instantly detonated the boring circle of friends, and even the "fuse" can not shake the heat, it is pocketed the eye. It must be a deliberate "unintentional", presumably "red" network events. Undoubtedly, chicken feet behind the female team won again.

returned to the venture capital circles, actually there are many successful "Red Net", such as: Zhou Hongyi, Luo Zhenyu, Lei Jun and so on. Their success with a similar "subway eating chicken legs" such events pocketed the attention of Internet users. Remember Rebs’s "R U OK"? Remember red cannon "3Q war"? Remember the old "gathers freely king"


is different, the female may go behind the chicken entertainment, fashion route, and the latter uniform the success of the eye to the next content, that is their own products: millet, hammer, 360, the success of the Internet "attention" into the "purchasing power".

It is as expected if the next female chicken can participate in some variety reality show, or pick up some TV shows, movies or micro film like small angle, then… It was her… Economic man thing, we do not worry about. In short, attention will be transformed into a purchasing power through such a path.

careful people as long as a little analysis, it is easy to find the logic and routines:

the first step, the first explosion of the contents of the contents of the network to attract the attention of users;

the second step in the attention of the crowd, naturally formed a part of the "idiotic powder" chase drama, maybe 10%, maybe 5%, anyway, there will be many problems, mainly to see the first step of manipulation. Then the transfer of "idiotic powder" attention to their related products. It could be a movie, a TV show, an advertisement, or a cell phone, a dress, a food, or something else;

third step, through the product, and then continue to create content to maintain the attention of the heat, thus turning attention into purchasing power. If the product is not rich enough, ahem… You can use some appropriate Navy…

well, let’s say about the specific rules of each step.

first, attractive

as the saying goes, a dog bites a man bites a dog that is not news, news. In the era of traditional media, even if people bite the dog, and not necessarily caught by the media, because of the shortage of manpower, the editor less. But in the mobile Internet era, even if the dog is trying to bite did not bite, it will be captured, expanded, exaggerated and wantonly spread, because everyone is a reporter, everyone is the phone’s camera

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