Talking about the development of websites from pornographic websites

      from the rise of the Internet to the network spread, is penetrated into various fields and corner process of life, every kind of website crazy, after numerous tests of time and reality, adapt to the rules of the game website successfully survived, and some of them became known to every family and business model more and more stronger with the mature. The rise in profits is even more impressive. This has always been a rule, which is to seize the user’s needs and psychological, to meet the needs of human life. There is a type of Web site, has been subjected to a severe blow and ban, but still exist from beginning to end, and once suppressed, and soon there are new representatives, the development of extremely fast. This is porn site.

      the government’s attitude on pornographic websites has been resolutely tough, relentless. But still can not completely eradicate porn sites, and every other time, it will not be out of popularity and a lot of money in a short time to make porn sites. One of the most fundamental reason is that porn sites seize the human needs side. And this demand and human nature, deep into the bones, can not be completely eradicated. Porn sites are growing rapidly, much faster than other types of websites. Of course, we can’t do such a wicked thing against humanity, but can learn from the survival and development of the thought of it. And then apply it to other sites. After all, the development of such a law, the success of the site, there must be its merits.

      a pornographic website is usually free service type administrator, seize the human nature, nature, free Internet pornographic pictures, novels and films. Meet the physiological and psychological needs of Internet users. Arouse the interest of the people. When the interest of users and can not be divorced from the formation, slowly increase the site permissions, first is to encourage users to post by post, increase website content to enhance the authority, get more information right view. Another is through the registration to become a senior member of. And then, netizens have formed on pornographic websites dependence, took out some money generous. It’s kind of like opium. First, when a good man, free reward you two, and then to your pocket money. There is one thing that many people fail to notice is that most of the content is provided by the people themselves. Her armor provides pornography, and pay to the site management, and then released her second data view. People B also provide pornographic material, and then pay for the site management, and then to see a release of information. At this time, porn sites became the landlord class, waiting for money. People also Pidianpidian put the money into his hands.

      if you know how to use porn website development strategy and ideas. That will be a great help to their website and enhance. Today, many of the successful web sites are taking advantage of this, only to survive and grow.


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