Lu Songsong data analysis to do precise promotion

has always been, I always open statistical tools (51la, CNZZ, Google Analytics, etc.) to see if IP is more or less today, PV is how much, as if most people are so. In addition to IP, PV, antecedents, keywords, like no other can see, in the online search site analysis of the data of the article, did not find an article on how to analyze the data of the article, that is. Data analysis is really very important, whether in the operation of the site or website promotion, data analysis should be carried out, below I would like to talk about how to do the data analysis and accurate promotion.

through data analysis to do precise website promotion


through the STO site data to do next, as shown below, you can see STO’s traffic is very large, there are hundreds of thousands of visitors every day, let us look at the red area, followed by Taobao, the most directly enter the URL, Jingdong, etc., so we can conclude that there is a sto cooperation and Taobao, in which Taobao logistics query, Taobao, paipai, Jingdong is quoted website data sto.


(STO website traffic source)

through reverse thinking we do, if I also registered 10 micro-blog account, then try to use hair with link text, through a period of observation data, found that if there are 2 micro-blog antecedents most, then the 2 main micro-blog, so to avoid micro Botaiduo don’t know if you do. The promotion, the other is micro-blog can synchronize the data synchronization tool for the past. Other promotion method is also a truth, such as BBS promotion, Q & a promotion.

As some

Digg website, once recommended to the home page, ranked in the second or even the first position in the road, traffic is down, then we can open a look is the article is recommended, after this kind of Digg website in the same article.

user experience through data analysis

each of the following statistical tools have a visitor information, so that includes the visitor’s browsing depth, operating system, what browser, the screen is much.


(the browser used by my blog)

through the above data analysis, there are still 70% people visiting the blog for the IE kernel, IE6 users still occupy 41% of the proportion, so in the blog template design, I had to make in the environment of IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox as the test environment, through the analysis of the data, I can clearly recognize that web design in the end how should design, then if I join the alliance against IE6, think about what would be the effect? You cannot expect 41% visitors to upgrade your browser.

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