Rely on online dating ideas, earned 60 thousand

I am a website development personnel. Is every day from nine to five, the label of life. Spare time will develop a number of procedures, but also often developed on the Internet to sell. Free time often wandering in various forums, learn some technical knowledge about some of the major countries, discuss some hot topics. Occasionally will express their views. Gradually found, do not know from what time, love the wind began to travel.

today, I have to talk about it, talk about what I see from the Internet, and get what.

two or three years ago, can not remember where to see a news, is about a boy on the Internet with people living together, spend money on up to more than 6000 yuan. Is this news to their courtship began to pay attention to this problem. That then, found many forums and Post Bar have some netizens for cyber love, the Internet is for the discussion could raise a Babel of criticism of love. There are two sides to everything, most of whom hold a neutral attitude. Some people say that, for love, some people believe, some people will sniff at this. Because true love in real life, it is hard to find, especially in so unreal network world. Internet and traditional blind date, free love is the same, but it is another way of understanding. But if you have bad luck, you will meet a big liar. So, a lot of people will say it is really responsible for some people. Don’t trust the network. Because we don’t even know the people around us. We don’t need to spend so much time thinking about those people. For the best judge is his own brain.

Internet has been popular for a long time, and the Internet that is popular "love". Such a relationship seems to have come naturally now. From the Internet to the online communication, online dating program, all the way down, it is not difficult to find, so many business opportunities are hidden in the logical order of gradual progress. In the development trend of the network, the Internet also started to be popular. I got some inspiration, I do not love pop, with love to sell the relevant procedures. So I refer to a lot of sites, but also after a lot of difficulties, after a period of time, and finally the development of their own Dating program, began selling on the major sites. At the beginning of the reaction is not very good, so to find a better website released on the sale, the sale of the past few years in the supermarket network program uninterrupted, also continued turnover of a large number of the single, although there are many buyers can only have the intention to buy, but also has more than 20 thousand income. If you add the next line of the transaction, there are about 40 thousand. Here, by the way, my "happy apartment large dating program", take a client to use this program to establish a website for everyone to see: Wd=%CD%F8%C1%B5& cl=3.

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