My website construction experience

      I was in 2004 began to do stand, in 03 years to do personal home page, which is used after the free space of 533, can only support Html.

      in their own home page put a lot of photos of students and friends, a few pages. The kind of garbage. I don’t know why, my friends like it.

      this is also done in the middle, mainly to help friends do personal home page.

      by May, 04 years ago, it was an emotional exchange site, bought a fast network space, more than and 200 / year.

      comparison when the server is not how good, plus the net quickly put more than and 800 website on a server (using whois found), so often open very slowly, but later changed the system easy, before their own preparation. Then every day 100, 200, 500IP, and more time to reach 3000IP, when there is no current collection, so most of the articles is to add, modify, selected. In Baidu ranking is better, but I did not know that the term SEO.

      because there was no acquisition function, the same content on the network is relatively small. In this way, the station has been running for more than 7 months.

      later, I see another website advertising. Hey, I want to put some advertising to earn money, so the website system to NB article system, modify a lot of code, pictures, looks very beautiful, I think, oh, because before I see the general flow, afternoon are online from 100 to about 200 people, I’ll put a the ASD99 website advertising space, click is charging, actually now this ad is not good, and the type of site doesn’t really, so click is not very high. Sometimes I myself. Hey。

      in order to increase popularity, I also like to be like that, increase the adult content, is the adult novel, not very long. And must be registered members to browse, and then registered members of the thousands. I feel very happy. Later I went to Guangdong, playing for 3 months. No time to go to the tube site, an accident is ICBC carido 70 dollars that I once accidentally, then do not know how, then I was sent from ADS99 advertising commission. Later returned to Sichuan, has been 05 years, when the website to record the content, not made, do so long, only earn tens of dollars, so do not intend to do a website, want to write software.


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