Dimensional network empty city a eight years of hard work O2O project fiasco

Shanghai, there seems to be no shortage of local life in the field of entrepreneurship. Early public comment and the city of Victoria, who has 100 downstairs and even coffee. Before and after 2008, the city of Victoria, once became the preferred choice for young people living in the local market in shanghai. However, local life has never been an easy business. Today the city dimensional network already and tick group merger, the latter announced in a few days before the stop group purchase business. For the city of Victoria and CEO Zhang Yibin, this is a fiasco.

text / Wu Jiawen


today, the city of Victoria has become history.

started this company in Shanghai, a coupon printing industry, and even became synonymous with the industry. When the most popular business, its more than 2 thousand terminals, deep wide north and Hongkong city in 10, attracted about 5000000 users and more than 3 thousand businesses.

in 2013, the city dimensional network with less than 20 terminals scattered in Beijing Shanghai two inconspicuous corner, No one shows any interest in. Until March 2013, the city dimensional network and tick group announced the merger. With the weak Baotuan type after the original tick group CEO Song Zhongjie became the new at the helm, the city dimensional network founder Zhang Yibin has gone to a foreign, he is no longer the "city" master.

magic card popular

originally, coupon printer this blue ocean, is the first discovered by Zhang Yibin.

in 2004, he was a graduate student at East China Normal University. Occasionally, Zhang Yibin noticed a phenomenon: Shanghai each district, businessmen will distribute coupons blindly, lack of pertinence, it is difficult to win the favor of consumers; at the same time, a variety of discounts on the network to attract many consumers, but because there is no paper coupons that have a sense of trust, it is difficult to form a line of consumption.

and Zhang Yibin come to mind a hitherto unknown business model: one can print coupons as terminals, ATM machines in general, spread over all the crowd in the corner. Businesses can issue discount information, on the promotion of the brand, users can get coupons through the RFID radio frequency identification card, terminal operators are mainly through advertising fees charged to merchants to achieve profitability.

at the end of 2006, Zhang Yibin led the team developed a terminal, named as "velo", and registered patents. He first found several brands such as DQ ice cream, to provide free trial. Shanghai subway station, city dimensional network was developed, quickly attracted a lot of young people fashion.

they took a picture of the mahjong size WeiLuo card, placed in the sensing area of the terminal, and then click on the "small business brand LOGO light box, the machine will print out a photo of the merchant coupons. With this coupon, they can go to the nearby businesses enjoy.

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