Evan Williams domain name brand name important than dead something burning a lot

recently, when we’re talking about a product name, someone asked me, now a perfect domain name is no longer important? As a domain name for torture people, I have to admit that the domain name really is not important, and will be more and more indifferent, there are at least five reasons as follows:

1) Google

do you remember the last time to tell friends or relatives of the phone is God knows how long do you remember? Write the exact address of the mail contact on the accurate time is how long before? For me, no car navigation through the city is already a long time ago. The software has replaced the brain to do things like that for us. The domain name is similar to the phone number and the Email address, and the only logo makes the computer more advantageous than the human brain. Although for humans, the domain name is a readable IP address, but the computer can still better handle and remember the domain name.

)If you enter

in your email address interface box: three, it will offer you a lot you contacted before "three" address, you can find that "Zhang San you want to contact in these addresses". If Auto Association fails, you will find the address and copy it to the address box. In the process, you don’t even care what this email address is.

many people use google. I was shocked when I first saw people search Google for "yahoo.com" in YAHOO. Like this blog message, thousands of users through the Google Facebook login login Facebook, Google is the entrance of the internet. I hope it’s not true. However, Google is just like the entrance to all sites. No, Google is just one of these entrances.

2) automatically completes the address box

for those who are more advanced users, the browser address box automatically complete the function for us to remember a variety of Web sites – even if we have only one or two sites. In fact, Google in the Chrome browser address box to do the perfect integration. With Chrome, you don’t have to remember anything.

3) mobile browser and hidden address box

we are concerned about the domain name, because we can open any page to see the corresponding address. Of course, not on mobile devices. Because the page is limited, the browser address bar on the mobile device is often hidden. When we open a page, often do not see its address.

in order to simplify the design considerations, Google is likely to hide the address bar into the desktop browser (as I write this, I want to know whether Google has a secret plan to do away and replaced by the domain name. >

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