Webmaster essential manual 071203 Edition

e-book Name: "webmaster essential manual" 071203 edition

e-book format: exe

producer: a Populus

reviewer: mackaka

production date: December 2007 03

price: 0 yuan

after sales service: no

other Description: this book is free for a long time, there is a small update every week, once a month big update, please pay attention to

download address: click download

2007-12-2 18:32


often go to the bookstore, I’ve never seen the webmaster or to the webmaster with the book, I have become in the station before, traveled to the entity or online bookstore, are disappointed, estimates that many webmaster like me for a long time, can only continue to develop and exercise their own language "". As a result, I sprouted an idea that is dedicated to do a book to the webmaster, after a period of brewing, and now finally launched the first beta version.

this is one for the primary and intermediate station, and entering the ranks of the quasi webmaster webmaster tool for the book, strictly speaking, is a compilation of information, this book provides an overview of the work from a macro perspective webmaster site picture, combined with the hot issues are discussed, in order to assist the webmaster site as the fundamental starting point. If you do not understand the place, Baidu bar. I am not good at words, just good at search and reference, so the book will be used to create and update the search + users contribution + finishing, all references are attached to the original author and link.

traditional printed book printed in the moment that it stops life, but the network version of the book could continuously updated, in the interaction with readers, it will radiate more vitality. This book will also be a "live" book that has been updated for a long time, at least once a week, at least once a month. And this book will be a "live" book, a weekly update, a monthly update.

I hope that readers can put forward valuable suggestions and recommended that relevant articles, the best software, websites or books, for all the advice or help of friends, in order to express appreciation, this book will be updated, in the related articles (or books) at the end of this article "(or book) by × ×; × recommended (or original), welcome to visit the website of × × ×".

this book is dedicated to your lovely and full of * * * * Chinese webmaster, I hope this book can give you a little inspiration or help.


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