When a novice is very happy to start a new network of small white powder can suck money


content of entrepreneurship is now hot words, everyone wanted to do a public number and the like, stick to the light of knowledge.

, however, there are quite a lot of friends since they think they are novices, is white, so the content of entrepreneurship in this field has been afraid to get involved, feel that they can not be competent.

I think the idea is absolutely wrong.

content entrepreneurship is very suitable for novice!


Internet content entrepreneurship has always been to go "expert" route, there are real experts, of course, there are a large number of pseudo experts. This requires us to carefully screened through the content.

for example. The valuation of 1.2 million cars.

do you think it is the expert professor? Oh, you really very naive.

himself said, they started a team of 4 people, began to do in the past 14 years, the novice novice white: no resources, do not understand the car, lack of flow rate of one hundred percent.

of his location for the car to provide targeted traffic fancier, is all about the car, Car Buying original content and Car Buying consultation and escort service etc..

you want to buy this car is also a matter of it, the cheapest to tens of thousands of pieces. How to choose a car within their budget of the highest cost, which is definitely the public is very concerned about.

and he can through the article, video and other forms of knowledge in this area to sort out, thus achieving the docking of content and needs.

his operating routines are as follows:


operation is a commonplace talk of an old scholar is a model, and only apply a different target flow and content.

, such as, do Taobao guest, a lot of fake experts also made. But there must be a breakdown of the field, such as the choice of special knowledge of air conditioning in this area, this time you can make air conditioning class Taobao.



is the content of entrepreneurship go "experts" route is very common, but after all gehangrugeshan, to drive a duck onto a perch isn’t a smart move.

not to mention the "experts" together, is not loud, but when this time in the position of seeking truth from facts, positioning itself as a novice is more flattering.

I’m still an example.

for example, this. He was assigned to the B station, video submission, pushing his own micro-blog.

he chose the field of food production, mainly based on baking. He gave himself the positioning of a novice who is seeking truth from facts. So his slogan is now selling.