2016 network ushered in the norm year fans over 300 million industry or a new turning point

original title: 2016 ushered in the norms of the Webcast: fans over the 300 million industry or a new turning point

Beijing, Beijing, December (22) (Wu Tao) on 2016, the webcast more fire. In the first half, China has 320 million Internet users watched live. "Did you watch the live broadcast today?" – a high frequency word for some young people.

but the fire behind the webcast, some vulgar, vulgar content from time to time, will be broadcast into the whirlpool of public opinion. Official to take a series of regulatory measures, the development of the broadcast industry has entered a new chapter. 2017, the industry will usher in a new inflection point.

data map.

why live so fire?

anchor and experts see

The earliest in the field of

broadcast the game live, then show the rise and spread of live, electricity, real time news, cooking show and other vertical areas live in 2016 began to emerge. According to the China Internet Network Information Center released data show that as of the first half of 2016, nearly half of Internet users had watched the webcast, the user reached 320 million.

live hot, a media company signing artists anchorwoman Sheng Ning (a pseudonym) believes that with the development of the Internet, people’s online entertainment is becoming more diverse, live simple direct, real-time interaction is one of the indispensable mode, many users are willing to try.

Sheng Ning is now a sophomore student read, to catch up with this wave of live wave, has been transformed into a net red, signing a media company. Go to school in the morning, the afternoon is generally recorded programs, the rest of the time to live." This is her day arrangement, 17 evening around 10, after the reporter finished her interview, she said, there is a live waiting for her in the evening, the time is very tight.

Said the deputy director of the research center of China University of Political Science and Law

communication law Zhu Wei told Beijing interview, "live fire, not only is the Internet users need, show the expression at the same time, broadcast also meets the viewer’s desire to live with; and micro business, also make its rapid development."

data map. Li Ke photo

why chaos frequently?

fans economic interest impulse

broadcast industry, more and more large scale chaos once more. In 2016, tax fraud, eating insects, drink hot water, "doll" and other people to be struck dumb content have appeared in the webcast.

Zhu Wei believes that chaos frequent and webcast profit model is the direct cause, now the network broadcast platform and anchor are mainly rely on user reward, in this mode, the host no matter what you do, is to get the user’s reward, there must be a fan of the economy, there are a lot of chaos.

, in addition, the broadcast is a relatively low threshold of the industry, does not require >