The cross-border electricity supplier fakes flooding counterfeit trademarks washed rights difficult

[Abstract] rumors of fake manufacturers to pass through the logistics of foreign certificates to paste their goods overseas manufacturing label.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on August 17th

"are these 3CE products made by you?"

in the face of a domestic cosmetics company responsible person questioned, a Dongguan manufacturer took out all the relevant qualifications: brand authorization, trademark authorization, production licenses and other documents Goods are available in all varieties.

previously, the person in charge of receiving the report, the factory said its partner is manufacturing South Korean cosmetics brands of 3CE products; when he hurried to the factory, that is full of 3CE packing box of Korean everywhere, and a product line of 3CE is in production.

is the main generation beyond all expectations, the factory produced all the production qualification documents required by 3CE, the biggest problem is that South Korea and the "3CE" brand is not nearly as like as two peas, really come from South Korea, but from a company in Wuhan’s domestic.

but for most consumers, it is difficult to know the exact details of the purchase of similar foreign cosmetics brands. According to the Tencent of science and technology understanding, with the rise of cross-border electricity at the same time, fake tide, this fake "3CE" is only a drop in the bucket.

just last week, there are users on micro-blog exposure from the purchase of honey buds to fake milk bottles after the activist experience.

the users in the honey bud buy three that is "100%" genuine "authorized sales" Japan Betta gem series glass bottles, but in comparison with the purchase from the Japanese Betta website in the same types of bottles, the sale of fake honey bud doubt.

The subsequent investigation

to Seth: according to company registered in China using the betta bottle trademark, then find the co generation plant, on sales of electronic business platform and that the "3CE" is exactly the same, there is no brand licensing, trademark disputes, supply chain integrity.

there is no doubt that the purchase of goods for consumers, although there are formal procedures, but still could not escape the purchase to "fake" ending. In the legal area is still vague, consumers how to protect the rights of the people, and in these seemingly beautiful packaging, authorized complete overseas goods behind the electricity supplier website as a sales platform and really innocent people do?

was copied by Jordan

in Chinese sports products brand history, "Jordan" and "ADI king" has a very special status, the former by registered Chinese name and let consumers mistakenly believe that foreign brands, the latter simply hit the copycat Adidas edge ball, both of which have gained high reputation.

with the rise of cross-border electricity supplier, more foreign brands began to have the same experience in china.

mentioned earlier in the 3CE is one of the typical >

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