SNS fire is very strong personal webmaster very bitter very depressed

SNS recently really fire, comparable to the year of the blog, from school to home, from happy to 5G…… I almost played all the SNS, and finally I stayed in 5Gsns, because 5G is of value to me, because 5G is active. I am a SNS user, so I have the right to speak and have the right to comment on SNS mode.

SNS fire is very powerful

I’m not English based, the first contact with the SNS should be the campus network, and then at home, happy, what Myspace Facebook, I didn’t go, don’t know what kind of, but I have seen many review articles, understand that they should look to the school network almost (I understand I this sentence it can not withstand scrutiny), so I concluded, "at home and abroad are almost like a long SNS.

Kang Sheng to our small owners brought good news, I heard a download abbreviated as UCH. You can do a "school", so I was very happy to find a friend, happy trading function is really fun, the sale of several times after the discovery of QQ group, everyone in the domestic section figure, so I started to drift in the "domestic" play time, found that SNS is not fun, no QQ fun, really, with my friend QQ, not at home.

5GSNS estimates is my most for a long time, the strange thing is that I registered earlier ID:14, because he is the first one I’ve seen with UCH structures, in order to understand the UCH, I was playing for some time, but found a very strange thing, 5GSNS users increased rapidly, it is soon reached more than 1 thousand registered users, and the whole industry is great characters, know this, the original 5GSNS is Liu Ren, Hong Bo have done, no wonder so appeal.

through 5GSNS I know more and more people, the more addicted to play, I found that the original SNS is really very good, very powerful, more fun than QQ. (it is said that some despise QQ, because the cattle are not QQ, but I use QQ, because I do not pretend to force)

Kang Sheng out of UCH, some time ago and saw several SNS application developers, finally understand that the advent of the SNS era, the impact on individual owners while certainly less than the year of the hao123 era, but certainly not less than the age of blogs.

personal webmaster very bitter very depressed

so personal webmaster can really find a way out from the SNS? The answer is: no! Don’t expect SNS can bring what personal webmaster! Of course I say is not absolute, does not exclude others through SNS success, but most of what SNS personal Adsense didn’t desirable at



1 members difficult: SNS is the pursuit of the activity, position and influence is very important, it is difficult to rely on the forum called vest making a false prosperity! For the waste flow, the flow of search, never.

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