The Ministry of public security cracked 500 billion major online gambling gambling staff of nearly o

as a hidden and great harm to gambling activities, underground Liuhe color in recent years by the public security organs to crack down on. However, under the temptation of huge profits, some criminals turned to the network to continue gambling activities.

recently, the Ministry of public security cracked a large underground network gambling case, arrested more than 90 suspects, freezing more than 3000 bank accounts. Behind this crazy fortune game, there are nearly one million registered members to participate in gambling, involving more than 500 billion yuan of funds.

how does this huge gambling group work, and why they have been able to evade the police investigation for several years, and why the Internet gambling has been repeatedly banned?


sixty elderly unable to repay gambling debts forced Dutch act

Spring Festival, the beginning of the month three. Hunan province Yueyang County Public Security Bureau received the alarm call, Chengguan town resident Liu Fu was hijacked to a violent in the hotel, 300 thousand yuan gambling they asked his family to come to the return of Liu Fu "underground Liuhe color" owed. The police then dispatched, in the hotel will be 4 knife wielding robbers. However, this did not allow Liu Fu and his family to live a happy Spring Festival, did not let the Yueyang police breath. This is just a small episode with the case of large online gambling in the provinces.

in Yueyang in recent years, due to participate in the Liuhe underground lottery gambling, violent debt collection debt disputes lead to relatives of flight security cases have occurred. In the city of Yueyang Fengqiao community, also happened with sixty elderly still not because of gambling debts and Dutch act events.

Dutch act the old man surnamed Zhang, her daughter told police that gambling mothers participating in the underground Liuhe color can "first three gambling bill". Bet without first payment, if the lottery was, someone will send money home, no payment of arrears in the. If the money cannot be paid immediately, the bet will lose the next bet.

"every time we meet a few children, told her not to bet, we will help pay the debt. But every time we pay our debts, she goes on a bet." When the family did not have the ability to back its debt, creditors forced the door, the old man finally killed Dutch act.

Maple community branch secretary Yi Congyang said, the whole community of more than 6 thousand people, up nearly 80% of the people involved in this crazy gambling activities. Vice mayor of Yueyang, Tang Wenfa, director of Public Security Bureau, with the roller coaster to describe its harm to the masses and places. Yueyang police said, because of the large number of gambling, gambling companies large capital flows, only three towns in Yueyang, each having a prize, there are nearly 2 million gambling out of Hunan.

large online gambling group surfaced

who is in the operation of such a huge underground gambling group, Yueyang police turned their attention to the internet.


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