Condemned the new version of Maxthon Google advertising revenue decline caused by head shield

these days Google advertising straight down. I thought it was their own website, later found that the original version of Maxthon new set of advertising content ad shielding, such basic disable all page code. Arch-criminal found.

Chinese webmaster, especially personal Adsense, earning a few. But a website has paid a lot of effort, from dawn to dusk, always staring at the site. The program, design, planning, promotion, customer service, space, domain name fee to spend time, money, money to complete. All said the programmer earlier than chicken, every night after 12. Also online is the personal website owners. Every webmaster every day in front of a computer for almost all of the time more than 14 hours almost health are sub healthy, as long as the 1 site down heard, immediately heart in his throat. Especially some hacker attacks, DDS injection attack Trojan, worry to death. Not necessarily the day which users say a sensitive word, is WJ notifications, turn off the site, stop the server.

The above

China personal webmaster almost 80% is to rely on advertising revenue, Google, Baidu, alimama. In fact, the income is not worth mentioning. But only this income, are now being raped. Maxthon browser to filter out. China individual stationmaster is the most miserable, now is to stop Maxthon the neck. Hit the source of income jobs. If Chinese personal website is gone, then you Maxthon users will see their own page? Do you think that the user is interested in your


if you blocked popups, Trojan page, too. I appreciate you doing something useful for the user, learning under Google, which prompts the user station is in danger, a Trojan horse. Don’t make the most miserable trying to China personal webmaster.

you damage the entire Internet circle of interest. The end result is long. In a cocoon around oneself so on, the individual webmaster can also browse your browser screen, can not let you download the browser address, also can hang a horse to your browser as malware, prompting system to delete.

man, do business, do not do too much. To personal Adsense Road, also give yourself a way!

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