2009 national local media venue lift storm Liu fresh day to talk about characteristic development


China City News Network Alliance Secretary General Zhu Haoren will be handed over to the union flag next year will be held in Lianyungang, the media network responsible person Jin Hao hands.


Zhu Haoren, head of the Zhangjiajie

news network, delivered a brilliant speech on the operation, management, technology and development of the local news network.


Figure three: the

meeting, the participants are carefully recorded on behalf of network media.

  the local news network media operation and management experience exchange conference to 13 held in Zhangjiajie, responsible person from the instantaneous network, Suining news network, Xianning news network, Ganzhou Chinese network, Lianyungang media network, Zhangjiajie News Network on the speech on the operation and management of local network media technology. "How to seek development in local news portal between traditional media and commercial websites, the website must take the characteristics of the development route?!" the network alliance Secretary General Dr. Liu Xianri a detailed interpretation for the development of current news media, the dilemma was, he hit the nail on the head of the local news media development from the current the predicament of the countermeasures, the heat caused by the media and celebrity endorsements.

part of the site is similar to

Dr. Liu Xianri said that at present, the rapid development of Internet sites around the country, but the difference between East and West, North and South are relatively large. Although this is the case, but most sites have a common feature, that is, to learn from each other, follow each other, all want to do their own local large portal.

so many network media in order to expand their layout, layout style design or columns began to follow the provincial or national website. The reporter saw by clicking on the part of the city news media, the column setting is almost identical, including international and domestic, the province of all columns, and their more distinctive columns are rarely seen. As Dr. Liu Xianri said, learning is a must, can let the news website detours, but cannot yihuhuhuapiao, should play the local characteristics of a gilded signboard.


city news media to survive worrying

According to

reports, news network alliance China city yesterday issued the first city news media status report, data show that there are nearly half of the media survival situation is worrying, which includes not only the site generally small scale, including the majority of website revenue channels, run into trouble, and even affect the future development of the website. Local news media is the emergence of operation and development dilemma and so on, and most sites do not take the road of characteristic development have a great relationship.

how to crack development dilemma?

how to crack the local news media development predicament? Dr. Liu Xianri.

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