The electricity supplier in Taiwan C2C under the independent small brand battle


] March 28th news billion state power network, the day before Taiwan’s Eastern Group 6000 million NT strategic investment cross shore electricity supplier network technology, make the "cross shore electricity" topic focus again. To this end, the state power grid to connect many cross shore business practitioners, the status quo of Taiwan electricity supplier are described, and summed up the three important characteristics.


only small brands do electricity supplier

Taiwan brand is quite diverse, but the real involvement of the Internet is only a small number of brands.

clothing as an example, the Taiwan market clothing brands can be divided into three levels: for some local offline or online native small grass-roots brand name, these brands are basically Taiwan design, or take the version from South Korea, Dongguan manufacturing, Guangdong manufacturing, and then imported into Taiwan for sale, basically in the "YAHOO auction" Internet sales channel; the middle section is mainly foreign brands, such as UNIQLO; another is the high-end designer brands, such as Jason Wu, the president’s wife in some custom.


is not suitable for high-end designer brand products in Internet sales, and foreign brands tend to rely on the line of stores has spread all over the whole Taiwan market, so in Taiwan, is almost entirely based on the Internet to sell small brands. In the Taiwan market, foreign brands are also only UNIQLO online sales.

is even more than the brand, Taiwan traditional department stores are not touched e-commerce. It is understood that the traditional department store in Taiwan has been a conservative attitude to the electricity supplier, decision-makers are worried about entering the electricity supplier, the impact on the physical channel too large.

Some department stores

relatively strong in Taiwan, SOGO, far east department store, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi did not touch the electronic commerce, but the retail chain inside the 7-Eleven on-line Internet access 7net.

platform competition presents multi C2C separatist state


brands and retailers in Taiwan net is not much, but there are many portals and television channel to lay to the online retail business line.

Taiwan B2C market, YAHOO’s has a shopping center, with annual sales of 12 billion dollars, PChome cable shopping, the annual turnover of tens of billions of NT dollars in size, the two B2C mall is a portal to the network path building, currently in Taiwan B2C market turnover and TV basic maximum; electronic commerce in some Eastern Group ETMALL and UMALL, and MOMO and VIVA mall, business japanese.

it is understood that the number of stores operating above the scale, if not included in the TV shopping are maintained in the scale of billions of dollars; and the complete channel independent B2C very little, only to blog, 7net to achieve a certain scale.

still in Taiwan’s major online retail market

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