Left to right Jinshan waver in determination.

      Jinshan listed. This once known as China’s Microsoft Jinshan, listed in Hongkong. The embarrassment of the 19 years of Jinshan is not by WPS, not by Kingsoft, Kingsoft is not proud of the translation, but Kingsoft online games log H.

      19 years of Jinshan, as can be seen from the prospectus, entertainment software revenue is higher than the application software. KingSoft has started to become kingGame.

      in addition to the translation software, Kingsoft did not have a business can show out a office free version of WPS can’t beat 5 yuan price Microsoft piracy. Kingsoft fell out of the top three in the domestic market, but in the short term, but can not and Kaba, rising. Do not know how many people use Kingsoft, according to the survey data on cnBeta, share 3.63%, personal edition if there is no accident, will be more desperate than today’s wps.

      Kingsoft translation software is good, but the profit is limited.

      the "Chinese Microsoft" has come to this day, a big reason is that China’s piracy environment and Kingsoft has not changed since the birth of the software strategy.

      write software, sell software. Like the wall Jinshan Buddhist monk said, unfortunately, domestic piracy reality, can only make Jinshan this camel thinner than Martha though.

      Jinshan should have long seen that writing software to the organization is much more promising than writing software. However, in addition to outside products Jinshan online games, more based on individual users, such as WPS, Internet Security and translation, and you cannot change the display of pirated Kingsoft case, do not know themselves into piracy, not resolved, WPS, Internet Security and Kingsoft translation was born to do individual users completely free, so determined, free it has Time will not wait for me.. China software industry the sky is gray, everyone stared at the government feast to the heavens, but the days without rain.

      in the end, not only did not achieve Jinshan every computer has Kingsoft software, but also missed the development of the internet. Jinshan had to realize that Kingsoft is not as good as kingNet, it is already too late.

      online jinshan. Must be cut in two parts, one is to write the Jinshan online games, one is to run online jinshan. The competitor is South Korean game company, Netdragon etc.. Behind the opponent is grand, The9 and Shi Yuzhu. Although Kingsoft has been famous for a long time

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