For the new record company, the 5 marketing can not afford to make mistakes

NetEase Francisco July 30th message, according to TNW reports, recently set up a company called Presfarm startups, promised to provide the reporter’s name, email and Twitter accounts to entrepreneurs, in order to make their enterprises obtain special report. But this business is a big problem for startups media reported the most difficult place not to contact reporters.

in fact, reports for startups are published many reporter email address in the Twitter data. These are often unable to quickly find the person through the Google search, it is best to introduce each other through contact. Introduce your start-up company to reporters, consumers or investors to send spam, will mess up marketing. Here is a big mistake most startups often make, you should try to avoid.

1, I hope the reporter to sell products for you

reporters are not salespeople, sales of products is not their job, they just provide the world with newsworthy information. Although the new company PR is part of release strategy, but do not rely on the media to sell products. On the contrary, the media is just reporting the situation of your company, you are in the development of products and bring to your web site traffic. Your job is to provide an optimized experience that allows visitors to revisit (get more content and information), or let them try your product.

2, hire attention instead of winning attention

It’s easy to spend your entire marketing budget on

paid advertising, but it just doesn’t mean you should do it. More and more consumers are tired of paying ads, and no matter where you go, there are some companies that pay more attention than you. So, use low-level PPC to do some basic research and Research on your own competition to create content that will win you a lot of attention over the years.

3, waste time thinking and discussing marketing with people rather than actually doing

most of the founders are perfectionists, hoping to talk about marketing efforts with every expert on earth before they are released. They devote their time and energy to a number of different tactics: blogs, complementary marketing, video and social media promotions. If the channel or the media does not have immediate effect, do not recognize that there is no use. Test, learn, and apply based on things that have special meaning to your audience.

4, trying to "pop"

most of the videos trying to make a big hit, do not always try to make a popular video, but should focus on the time and effort to make good content, so that your prospects and advantages can be shared. For example, making local startups ecosystem map of Boston Kinvey, the company will own and other technology companies on the map, attracted media and peer attention.

5, ignore site optimization

your site should be targeted for search, mobile optimization, access to a clear roadmap you want them to do what. Do you want

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