How to face the CN domain name price increases

recently, China Internet Network Information Center announced that will stop the CN domain name prices in December 31st will be based on the market, now scheduled price is 100 yuan, the most by the dumpster webmaster brothers, estimation is not what good news, do a whole station investment increased 100 times, a now the station 100 station is equivalent to the previous, really make people feel uncomfortable.

is not necessarily the case, from another point of view, this may not be a good thing, what is the advantage?

1.SEO angle

improve the threshold of the CN domain name, to CN for the end of the garbage station will certainly be reduced, so, from the perspective of SEO, CN domain name will certainly improve the trust, CN domain name is bound to increase the weight.

2 easy to remember the domain name will be easier to register

Once the

domain name prices, refuse registration will certainly be reduced, there is no registration as before as a good domain name and trying to come out for a long time.

3 good website is bound to be more and more


than the previous investment is 100 times higher, so how will you treat yourself to the station, I believe for the stations on time, not increase 100 times will increase 2, 3 times, so you’ll have more good hands, money will certainly more and more.

4 domain name can sell a good price

many brothers in domain name trading, you have 1 yuan of registered domain name, now Paul at the end of 100, if registered dozens, can also be a small one oh

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