8868 Mobile Games trading platform – CBC Qinlong is far more than security trading mode

in just six months, 8868 Mobile Games trading platform (www.8868.cn), the mobile phone online trading platform to provide professional trading, trading, Mobile Games account recharge, the first charge number, equipment props, the game will create a transaction of millions of Mobile Games trading platform, has the core transaction amount has reached millions of users. The value of several hundred million.

what trick?


first recruit: CBC embedded hand travel transaction mode security

8868 original CBC embedded hand travel trading model is what


trading platform with the traditional game service manual transaction mode flow slow long time safety problem, such as the case of purchase such as World of Warcraft account transactions, the buyer payment, customer service will have 1 hours of data audit time, buy virtual goods sometimes 1-2 hours to reach the complexity of buyers.

8868 hand travel trading platform to create the most efficient and secure trading platform CBC. This is the only one with the docking platform for developers trading platform. CBC Mobile Games trading mode data and mobile phone game manufacturers open, if the mobile phone game player in the 8868 mobile phone recharge trading platform trading selling game equipment, Mobile Games account transactions, the first official game seller account, equipment goods frozen, when there is a game buyers after the transaction, the system will inform the game official delivery, the entire mobile phone game trading the process from order to delivery as long as 1 second to complete a second, let the game player Mobile Games props into RMB. Safe and fast game embedded automatic transaction model highly respected

CBC mode is more than an innovation in the mode of transaction, but also reflects the entrepreneurial thinking as the core of the game player to


8868 Mobile Games trading platform (http://s.wp.8868.com) CEO season is still that Mobile Games trading market has just started, the future still has great potential, after three years, the domestic mobile game revenue will reach 3 billion or above. 8868 to become the most understanding of the players hand travel account equipment props exchange needs, the most trusted large trading platform website.

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