The Ministry of Commerce issued online shopping transaction specification allows consumers to have t

Beijing daily news to allow consumers to cancel orders for some time, the third party trading platform first payment of consumers…… Yesterday, the Ministry of Commerce issued the third party e-commerce trading platform service specification, proposed a set of transaction dispute resolution mechanism.

with the rapid development of electronic commerce, due to the lack of guidance, some sellers in the third party e-commerce trading platform on the existence of the infringement of intellectual property rights, the sale of counterfeit goods and other illegal activities, online transaction disputes frequently occur. Service specification released yesterday, from the platform to establish the standard and the basic behavior of the platform operators to manage and guide the operators, operator station platform for consumer protection in 5 aspects of the operation and management of the third party platform to make the standard.

some online shopping consumer orders soon regret, therefore, to encourage operators to set up service platform, allowing consumers to "cool" in a time of calm thinking after shopping, if you regret it, can be no reason to return, in order to reduce transaction disputes, improve consumer satisfaction. In order to restrain the misconduct of the operators in the station, the platform should establish and implement the credit system through the contract and other requirements, and facilitate the supervision and complaints of consumers.

in addition to set up a cool period, the service specification in the platform should be offsite backup, the first payment platform, the platform to modify the trading rules 30 days ahead of publicity and other norms also caused widespread concern.

service specification also clear, platform operators should establish appropriate mechanisms to protect intellectual property rights. For the right holder with evidence and notify the specific address of the infringing pages, documents or links, platform operators shall notify the complainant, and take necessary measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the obligee.

highlights interpretation

1 to consumers in time to consider cancellation


platform operators to encourage the establishment of a cooling off period system, allowing consumers to cancel orders for no reason in the cooling off period.

authoritative interpretation:

"this system allows consumers to buy if you do not have no reason to return." Ministry of commerce information secretary Li Jinqi said that this is not mandatory, platform operators can decide whether to set up a cooling off period. Of course, the cooling system does not apply to all goods, cold products, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc..

"I think it will be 7 days to cool down." Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce Information inspector Nie Linhai believes that set a cooling period, the seller may have some impact in the short term, but in the long run, customer volume and sales will be greatly improved.

2 platform should be built offsite backup


day trading volume of more than 100 million yuan (including $100 million) of the third party e-commerce trading platform should be set offsite disaster backup system, the establishment of disaster recovery system and emergency plans. The identity information of the operator and the relative person in the station

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