Thanksgiving Day began to seize the market network business resources

next week is Thanksgiving, and that means retailers are thinking about one thing: Holiday season. In fact, most retailers have been thinking about it for months, but since the winter has come, the biggest shopping season of the year is not far off.

so far, the market looks promising. U.S. online retail spending in the third quarter of 2010 compared with the same period last year, an increase of 9 percentage points to $about 32000000000. This also indicates that the fourth quarter will continue to grow steadily. But consumers are not just shopping online. A study conducted by the Federation of American retailers that have intelligent mobile phone of the male consumers, 30% will be through the intelligent mobile phone shopping research or purchase, and female consumers with intelligent mobile phone, 23% will also carry out shopping information search or consumer use of intelligent mobile phone.

this indicates that businesses will be profitable this year’s thanksgiving. It also sets higher standards for digital marketers who need to cover e-commerce and mobile shoppers. As the race has begun, the clock is timed.

and Thanksgiving related retailers to display interactive advertising at the end of October to early November this period of time. The highest rate of interactive advertising rates in December at the beginning of the lowest — this time point may be considered when consumers buy the trouble to. The study includes retailers’ advertising campaigns from 2006 to 2009. Research shows that in December the interactive advertising rate declines because of the quantity of this month’s advertisement is very much, but only so much demand for Thanksgiving advertising, so relatively speaking, can be viewed by consumer advertising is too much.

in addition to the earlier on Thanksgiving Day advertising, marketing personnel also need to find creative ways to improve the interaction rate, not only for early Thanksgiving advertising, but also for the entire fourth quarter advertising. At the same time, they should also consider the Internet and mobile channels.

is known to all, whether it is an extension of the video ads or non scalable, they can effectively promote product promotion. We all know the potential of extended video ads – they can overcome the difficulties in providing a large amount of information in a limited space. Of course, the banner embedded video ads can also exceed the typical display advertising effect. In PointRoll earlier this year for an advertising campaign developed by Ford, 8% of consumers and non extended video ads are interactive, and click on the extended version of ads users, 15% will do so because the advertising video format.

mobile video advertising can also promote valuable interaction. In the first month after the launch of iPad, PointRoll’s mobile video ads attracted 67% of the video audience to watch the ad. According to PointRoll, the average viewing rate of the video on the desktop is 53%.


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