Sichuan Neijiang shop brush reputation express air bag cloven hoof checked November 27 Chengdu Xinhua (reporter Yang Di) Sichuan City, Neijiang Industrial and Commercial Bureau recently in accordance with Article twenty-fourth "Anti Unfair Competition Law" on a local tea sales operation using the network fictitious transactions to enhance the credibility of the conduct of the punishment. Reporters from the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau supervisor department learned that the first shop "the case for the Sichuan Province Industrial and Commercial Department of the brush reputation" case.

this summer, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Neijiang city law enforcement officers received a report after inspection of the Zhongxing Road, located in Dongxing District, a residential building of a tea sales shop, found the shop operators are suspected of scalping behavior. After investigation, the parties Hwang in order to promote the two shop in Taobao’s reputation, strive for more trading opportunities, and other Taobao owner also needs the "brush", false trading, and then for the credit evaluation of the owner.

handling the case, the Neijiang Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce law enforcement officers at the scene found the package, and the real shopping is different, brush the credibility of the package is not contained in the package. Through the "single express bag", law enforcement officers in the computer seized him and other Taobao owner mutual scalping chats, as well as the fictional 150 single transaction records.

according to statistics, from February 2015 onwards, Hwang fictitious transactions 150 single, fictitious transaction amount of $3005, to pay a fee of $1200 brush.

brush single parties through fictitious transactions to improve the credibility of a violation of the "measures" the network transaction management section nineteenth (four) "fictitious transactions, delete unfavorable evaluation form, rules to enhance business reputation" of themselves or others. In view of the parties to actively cooperate with the investigation, the initiative to admit and correct mistakes, comply with the provisions of the "administrative punishment law" article twenty-seventh, Neijiang city Industrial and Commercial Bureau to party a lighter punishment, ordered to immediately stop the illegal behavior and impose a fine.

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