On the operation strategy of campus classified information site

in recent years, the Internet smoke from four onwards, the businesses have to look to the Internet, a variety of information on the Internet continue to enrich the expansion. According to the Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) statistics, as of the end of June 2008, the number of Internet users in China reached 253 million for the first time, significantly more than the United States, the netizen scale ranks first in the world. The information users and beyond count extremely large number of gathered into a bright spot in the new era, the network information is its comprehensive, high efficiency, scalability and can participate in the rapid penetration into the lives of thousands of households.


in the past, people find information is mostly through the search site, with information of rapid growth, people on the information searching efficiency and accuracy requirements increased, so many classified information sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as the times require.

in the campus, also there is a lot of demand, the students on campus more abound to try new things, even though the classified information has spread to flood, but classified information website for the campus is not very many, do good also not a few, the campus students pay more attention to the related information such as campus, campus news, second-hand transactions, business discount etc.. Such as the network of Xiamen science and Technology (webxmut.cn), to create a professional, practical, real, simple, rich campus information platform. Content is not only rich, but also very targeted, whether you are a business, business or college students, as long as you publish information content or behavior does not violate national laws and regulations, you can freely publish here. The website advocate is the university campus as the scope of information communication, and actively participate in campus activities, starting from the perspective of students and meet the needs of enterprises, to create the first brand of Tongli campus classification of information service, let the students, between students and enterprises better communication.


network of Xiamen Polytechnic University to serve the students, convenient life mission, timely delivery of campus information, both campus activities, part-time information, personal items transfer, living and learning and so on will be involved, she will work to build a belongs to the university students of the sky, we may find that the exchange of information more convenient, campus life becomes simple, the students and the outside world has become more closely linked, the original life can be more efficient.


1, the network information classification advertising for interactive real-time, the dissemination of the rich content and the advantages of rapid A new force suddenly rises.

2, the audience is mainly college students, targeted delivery, lower prices.

3, the form of rich, three-dimensional, eye-catching, not afraid you do not see.

4, low price, practical propaganda. Our charges are much lower than the cost you spend on traditional media (TV, newspaper, radio). If you use the Internet advertising to promote the product, the cost can be saved by 60%-80%, and the promotion effect is better.


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