Look at the clothing shop owner how diverted to do micro marketing a monthly income of 20000

introduction: at present the most popular discussion on the network marketing model is the most micro marketing. This guide to share a case: the world, a 89 year boy is how to sell mobile phone by WeChat and a monthly income of 20 thousand.

with the hubbub of understanding is very occasionally, some time ago I was in Huaihua on business, stroll in the evening to see a mobile phone film counter stood next to a X display on the outside, as long as read two-dimensional code sweep a free film. So, in this way, I know the world. Nothing happened to him that night. His micro marketing model shocked me, or that his micro marketing model is a bit wonderful, completely subvert the existing mode of operation in everyone. How did he do it and listen to me slowly, I put our conversation into an interview type of answer:

Guide: Hello, can you talk about the world, your personal experience?

world: Well, I was one of the three universities, the development of computer software science, 09 years of college. After graduating from the telephone sales, ERP software sales, sales manager. Dry wood processing plant (because no qualification was seized by the government), and now operating in Hunan, a brand of women’s clothing store in Huaihua.

Guide: since you are doing women’s clothing, how would you think of using WeChat to sell mobile phones rather than women?

hubbub: previously thought WeChat sells women’s clothing, but I do is brand ladies, not suitable for personal selling WeChat. Using WeChat to sell mobile phones is a rare opportunity. That day in the store to meet a customer said to want to buy apple 5S but also the price is too high so want to buy a fake imitation, but also worried about the bad quality of the online return. However, there is no such local businesses in Huaihua, I would like to Huaihua local businesses do not have such a reason why I do not try to do it? This is my chance to do fine imitation phone.

Guide: how easy is it to say that you are now selling WeChat mobile phone monthly income is not how much you do not include the women’s clothing store

: Yes, I do all the time is not long, now less than three months, last month sold a total of 42, net profit of 2 million, to get rid of these expenses send film around 20 thousand dollars. Last month, I sold the phone’s profit is actually higher than my female store profits.

Guide: a person can earn 20 thousand dollars a month in fact, WeChat has done a good job, you can specify how you do it?

said: in fact, this model all my little flower, you do micro marketing is the struggle with friends, and I did not take the initiative to add from A to Z a friend. But now I have nearly 4000 friends, and all of them are from Huaihua. Free film is just a small part of my friends and I have only the source of the night before the weekend outside table free film. My friend is the biggest source of people around, the turnover of 80% of customers are also nearby people.


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