Talk about how to promote the Forum

now many webmaster complaining about the site difficult, more difficult to do the forum website. Because the forum, the forum to do more difficult to promote. Since Discuz! Free Internet users to provide a forum program, instantaneous forum site of pear blossoms. How to promote their own forum site, so that the majority of users know your forum? Here are some common and very effective to promote the use of the forum.

1, search engine. You want to do is to let the search engine included, you can put the BBS login to search engines, a month can be included, if the search engine just update, it is likely to be included on the second day. Submitted to the search engine, if there are conditions, as far as possible to post static. This is more conducive to the collection of search engines have seen BBS static station, is a master.

2, and fanchon station cooperation. If you haven’t heard more, you’re behind. Huge traffic network station will likely bring you unexpected, good cooperation, a web station can give you hundreds of thousands of IP. For a large forum such as tiger, easy post, other comprehensive large Sina ViVi, 365key and so on. As long as there is time, although you submit the post there is. Of course, these are relatively large, the popularity is also very prosperous, you submitted a few minutes may not see the post. You can also submit to many small and medium-sized network station, a few days ago to see a post off center, is specifically for BBS, good idea, looked at his models, several of the promotion of BBS is pretty good, it is a home has a forum of the association of special edition, only included the Forum Posts the two is recommended; in the browse Posts page has a forum of the association, click inside the post you can go directly to the post source forum, the Forum on the benefits of natural self-evident — directly to your forum to bring visitors! There are many network stations, search, a lot of fish, choose a few, add code. Refer every day, every day improve flow! You can communicate directly with each other and the webmaster, to the point of concessions, will give you great flow.

3, to encourage the promotion of the forum members. To propaganda you must have a good reputation, think of a good forum theme, beginning not too broad, with the focus! Forum is mainly used for communication, what is the theme of the forum? This will let each to the forum people understand. Look or speak generally, inclusive, but empty, such a jar, others is it! Of course forum had certain popularity will be considered to be slowly wide. Speaking in front of is to let the members of the initiative for the forum propaganda, build reputation! Now you can also encourage members to submit Posts mentioned above web station, of course the best forum to add corresponding code, how to encourage members to submit!? to see your skill ah, for example, can use the Forum reward. Submitted a number of posts on the corresponding reward how much forum currency, which can be. Also on

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