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often do not know how to choose the product, or do not know whether to choose products or technical services. In fact, in the strict sense that the product is also a kind of service, but in the traditional sense, the product is that we can see the physical products, and services are more refers to technical support. Small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals should be how to choose?.

first, service and product comparison: it is well known that the cost of selling services is low, no need to purchase, do not need to consider inventory, as long as we have a certain technology can start. The product needs to start funding, from R & D, design, manufacture, production, etc. need cost, so the threshold is slightly higher. But in the long run, the product is more potential than the service, because the sale of services at the expense of time, it is difficult to expand sales. The product is different, it can be easily extended from one to one thousand or even ten thousand pieces, the future development of more limited.

second, to sell to sell high-end service: if you have a professional skill, then put this to the high-end market sales of services, rather than themselves as a network of odd jobs, because you learn professional skills is to spend some costs, these costs are ultimately consumers spending. We all know the story of Stan Maenz drawing lines for the engine. High end services in essence is not calculated in accordance with the value of time, but according to the user to provide value calculation. Sometimes even if you spend less than 1 hours, but to solve the problem in other places can not solve the problem of a few million, then it should be reasonable to tens of thousands of dollars.

third, learn to care products: products and services in the strict sense is not the separation of the market economy, the product is service, service is the product. So we can use their own skills into the product, so that the product has the characteristics of unlimited expansion. For example, you are very proficient in the construction of the site or SEO, then you can according to your actual experience of these techniques written in books published, often this type of combat books is also very popular. Sometimes even though you don’t what advanced technology, but you in an industry for a long time, all aspects of the industry have a deep understanding and experience, then this is your capital, it can also be recorded into products to sell.

fourth, according to their actual situation: whether it is products and services, according to our actual situation to choose, can do a good job. So, when you do not want to do a good job in the service of the product, do not want to do a good job of service products. First, make sure you know what you can do, not what makes the most money. The Internet has a lot of industry profits, you have the ability to do, can do? Therefore, down-to-earth starting from their own conditions, slowly, choose to stick to teeth within the scope of their abilities, and to do something.

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