Can not register Google Adsense then try Baidu Alliance

although GG Adsense is the world’s first advertising alliance, advertising unit price is also good, but now GG Adsense account more and more difficult to register.

for many small webmaster, if the registration is less than GG Adsense, in fact, you can also consider trying Baidu alliance.

at this time, many friends may say, you idiot? Baidu alliance is more difficult to apply than the GG alliance! Yes, but that means the Baidu alliance to promote the theme of business, and other business of Baidu alliance is still relatively good for the.

Baidu alliance includes theme promotion (click on ads) and search advertising, promotion of cooperation, promote the theme and GG Adsense as hard to register, but Baidu search advertising alliance and cooperation promotion is still very easy to pass, as long as the site is not too bad, basically can apply to.

Baidu search advertising alliance: after successful application on your website on the Baidu search box, when visitors use your site search box, and click on the search results in advertising (advertising and general difference of search results is below the right advertising "promotion" two words), the webmaster can get revenue sharing. Baidu’s advertising is placed on the left side of the search results, so the click rate than the GG search box is much higher than the click rate.


promotion of cooperation: cooperation promotion is Baidu for other companies to promote the products, mainly some software (such as Kingsoft, KuWo, popular Internet Movie, Iparmor etc.), friends (such as MySpace friends network), mobile phone ringtones and pictures, on the promotion of cooperation in your website, when someone clicks advertising and download the software or download the mobile phone as a registered member, picture ringtones, webmaster will get revenue sharing.

some cooperation in the promotion of income is very high, such as registration, registration of a member (3 days to re visit a), there are 1 yuan of income, to register an antivirus software will have 5 yuan of income, a successful business custom Iparmor has an income of 20 yuan.

it may be said that, the most mobile phone business registration, where earn money? In fact, so many people on earth universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, and everyone’s ideas are not the same, do anything don’t use their own thinking to consider the issue. For example, some people think that a few dollars does not matter, some people think that as long as they do need to be registered, some people can be reimbursed for mobile phone fees, these people may use mobile phone registration business. My own "Tan net" hanging on the bottom of Baidu search advertising and promotion of cooperation (below), every day about 500IP per month also has an income of more than and 200 yuan.

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